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2018 Training Classes

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Which Tank Type Water Heater is Right For You?

HTP's SSU Indirect Tank

HTP's Latest EFTC140 Install with Zone Panel

RGH 75/100: Small Footprint, Big Output

Which type of water heater is right for you?

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HTP Closed for Memorial Day!

HTP's Universal Stand

Introducing HTP's Ultra Thin Hydronic Fan Coil

When Is It Time To Replace Your HVAC System?

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Your Guide to Understanding Heating Terms

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Save Money and Energy with the Mod Con Boiler

The 928 Control Board

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10 Energy Saving Steps to Surviving Cold Weather

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Hydronics Technology: The Wave of the Future

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Phoenix Light Duty Installation Impresses Homeowner

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High-Mass Radiant Hydronic Heating

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5 Energy & Money Saving Resolutions for the New Year

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100 Ways To Save Energy At Home

HTP's Phoenix Installation in Seattle

Water Heater Maintenance

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HTP is at the SPI Show This Week!

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall and Winter

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Our 316L Stainless Steel Tanks Outlast the Competition

HTP has IGS & Revit Files!

Jim Cika Joins the HTP Team

HTP will be at the Solar Power International Show

EnduroTi Installation

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Where Does Your Home Use the Most Energy?

Lower Your Energy Bills This Fall

Top 6 Things You Didn't Know About Solar Energy

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Before & After: Everlast Electric Install

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Versa Hydro Installaion

HTP's Annual Employee Appreciation Cookout

HTP's SuperStor Pro & MC Series Installation

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Phoenix Light Duty with Air Handler

Lunch & Learn with Seekonk Supply and Emerson Swan

An Oil to Gas Conversion with HTP's Combi

SoCalGas Tankless Rebate Program

HTP Was at the Truckee Home Show

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HTP is at NEFI Energy Expo!

How to Host an Energy Efficient BBQ!

When to Replace Your Water Heater

HTP's EVR040 is Back!

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Utah Proposes NOx Rule for Water Heaters

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SuperStor Contender & MC Series Installation

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Cascaded EFT Installation!

HTP Saving Energy in Hyannis, MA

National Renewal Day - A Time To Save Energy!

Seven Ways to Curb Utility Costs Before Your Next Vacation

Increased Thermal Efficiencies on our Mod Con VWH!

HTP's Combi Makes Appearance at HVAC Dealer & Meeting Expo

HTP's Big Move!

Big Savings, Small Package with our Elite Boiler

HTP's Solar Options are Eco-friendly & Save Money!

HTP is at MCEE tradeshow in Canada!

Why High Efficiency Commercial Boilers?

HTP's Photo Gallery

With a mismatched system, you pay to work out all the kinks

Our Electric Water Heater has a LIFETIME Warranty

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HTP's Elite Fire Tube Installation

Hydra Smart Tankless at PHCC Show

HTP Elite Boiler Installation

Residential Water Heater Sizing Guide

HTP & NAECA Changes

HTP will be at SouthCoast Job Fair

Most Efficient Boilers of 2015!

Solar Residential Applications

HTP's EFT Combi Installation

Find A Rebate

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11 Benefits of Solar Heating

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NAECA Changes Effective April 16th, 2015

HTP Literature is Available Online!

Tech Tip: Do you have enough make-up air to support proper combustion?

Natural Gas & Electric are Prime Energy Sources for Home Heating

HTP is Moving to New Bedford Business Park!

Top 10 Installation Mistakes with Modern Gas Condensing Equipment

HTP's Manufacturing Engineers

Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day!

Case Study: Solar Thermal System - Ohio School Not Stopped by Cold Temps

Engineers Week: Justin Jenne

HTP is Celebrating Engineers Week!

Why Choose Solar?

Hydra Smart Commercial Tankless Installation

Presidents' Day Reduced Hours

HTP Acquires Solar Skies

Save Energy & Money with HTP

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VIDEO: New Products at AHR Expo

HTP Expands Phoenix Line with New Multi-Fit

Hydronics Technology is the Wave of the Future

2015 AHR Expo Recap

Trade Show Survival Guide

Looking Back At 2014's AHR Expo in NY!

New Member Joins the HTP Team!

HTP is Unveiling New Products at AHR!

HTP will be at AHR Expo in Chicago!

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

HTP Announces Phoenix Multi-Fit

Resolve To Save Energy This Year!

Why Weatherize?

HTP's 1st Annual Ugly Sweater Contest!

Installation of HTP's Elite Boiler & SuperStor Ultra

HTP's Highly Efficient EFT Boiler & SuperStor Ultra Water Heater at NS Home Show

Winter Time Energy Saving Tips

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

3 Good Reasons To Switch To A Condensing Boiler

4 Winter Heating Issues to Look Out For

Save Energy in the Kitchen this Thanksgiving!

How to Monitor Your Electric or Gas Energy Use

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Five Ways to Keep Your Holiday Season Energy Efficient

HTP Announces the PHP199-119D

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Pumpkin Power: Turning Food Waste into Energy

Massachusetts Ranked First in Energy Efficiency

An Easy Way to Extend the Life of Your Boiler

Before & After: EFT Combi Floor Installation

Six Tips To Saving On Heating This Winter!

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Three Ways To Cut Your Hot Water Bill

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High Efficiency Mod Con Boiler Installation

Fall & Winter Energy Saving Tips!

Drainback with Tankless is Less Costly & More Efficient!

Minimize Operating Costs

Saving Energy At Home

Sizing Your Solar Hot Water System

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HTP's Elite Boiler Installation Saves Money

Discover HTP's SuperStor Pro Indirect Water Heater

Tech Tip: Cleanliness and High Efficiency Heating

Tech Tip: Benefits of a Potable Expansion Tank

Purchasing Tip - Gas Storage Water Heaters

Discover HTP's New Highly Efficient EFT Combi!

Heat Efficiently with HTP's Energy Star Rated Products!

Save Energy: Reduce Your Hot Water Usage

Water Heating Tips from

Is your solar drain back tank sight glass cracked? Here's a solution!

Tech Tip: Checking pressure on your high efficiency tankless water heater

Maintaining your high efficiency heating equipment!

Switching to High Efficiency ModCon Boilers Saves Medical Facility Money and Space

Understanding the Swirl Plate in your Boiler or Water Heater

Tips To Maintaining High Efficiency Equipment

Simple Solar Water Heating Design Trick: Heat The Water You'll Actually Be Using!

Concerned about exhaust recirculation in a high efficiency water heater?

HTP Introduces the Highly Efficient Tankless Water Heater

Understanding High Efficiency Water Heating

Benefits of High Efficiency Water Heating

Tech Tip: F09 Error Causes

Tech Tip: Spark is King

Adjusting Manifold Pressure

Housing Cooperative Makes the Switch to HTP for High Efficiency Heating

Tech Tip: Condensate Neutralizer

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