HTP - Jun 7, 2017

New Metric to Determine Energy Efficiency

Due to a recent change in federal regulation, effective on June 12th, a new metric being used to determine the energy efficiency of water heaters. The Uniform Energy Factor, or UEF will be now printed on labels and products to determine the units efficiency.

Lets Talk About Energy Efficiency 

Of course, the more efficient your water heater is, the less money it will cost to operate. While the price of an efficient unit may be higher than a conventional model, the upfront cost will be more than recovered over the lifetime of the unit in lower monthly energy bills.



The new metric, UEF, are determined by the estimated usage of a water heater. When selecting the most efficient unit for you consider the fuel type and the capacity need for your home. It's important to remember, the higher the UEF, the higher the efficiency and the lower the energy bill.

UEF vs. EF

Because the UEF is so new, you may purchase a water heater that was certified with an EF rating. Models that were rated with EF should have their ratings converted to UEF and you can also check UEF ratings through AHRI's certification database: 


To learn more about the UEF and see how the labels will be effected please click here

Written by HTP