HTP - Nov 30, 2016

HTP's New Mount Hardware Attachment Kit

 Have you ever had your back up against a wall - or your collectors back up against a wall and nowhere to place your legs?  Now your problem has been solved by HTP's new 2/3 Mount Hardware attachment kit.  

The 2/3 mount hardware kit allows the rear strut legs to attach to the side frame rail of the collector instead of the top position as is the case when using our 86009-692 MT- mounting kit. 

This kit can be used anytime, but if primarily for situations where the base dimension (distance between front to rear foot) needs to be compressed. Normally the base dimension is the same as the length of the collector, so the base dimension of a 10 foot collector is 122 inches when using our MT- hardware, but that same base dimension can be reduced to 81 inches when utilizing the 2/3 kit.

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mount.jpg      mount 2.png

Written by HTP