HTP - Jan 23, 2017

Benefits of a Gas Water Heater

When it comes to water heaters we at HTP understand you have many different options. While we think you would be impressed with all of our water heaters, we'd like to highlight a few benefits of our Gas water heaters.

Gas Water Heaters such as our Phoenix Series, are highly efficient.  A crucial factor that plays into our water heater’s efficiency is the packed foam on the interior of the tank. Older gas water heaters weren't typically made with this feature and in turn had a lower efficiency.  Did you know the Phoenix is up to 96% efficient with a 5 to 1 turn down? It is also Energy Star Certified! We made sure to manufacture our tanks with super durable stainless steel materials to last longer and provide optimum heat.

We also know how important it is to have hot water for everyone in the house. Another pro of having a gas water heater is the recovery rate, or time in which it takes to reheat a tank of water after use.

Intrigued? Check out more about all of our Phoenix Gas Water Heaters!


Written by HTP