HTP Technical Support Rolls out NEW Video Chat Option

Posted by HTP on May 3, 2018 10:25:43 AM

HTP is all about efficiency and finding new ways to get your questions and concerns resolved as quickly as possible. As a result, HTP is proud to announce, our Technical Support department now has a NEW video chat option, effective immediately.

This industry leading feature allows us the ability to video chat with customer while onsite in front of the product, if necessary, creating easier communication and more efficient insight.

You can use any of the following apps to access our team via video chat:





Apple Facetime: This application is proprietary to Apple devices. 

Contact: (How customers reach us)

Google Hangouts: A multi-platform which means that both Apple and Android devices can use them.

Contact: (How customers reach us)


Facebook Messenger: A multi-platform which means that both Apple and Android devices can use them.

Contact: (How customers reach us)


This feature will be used as more of an out call service than in call and anyone is welcome to contact us via the above apps but our first priority is and will continue to be our phone support which can be reached at 800-323-9651. 

Technical Support can also be reached by email if you prefer:


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Which Type of Water Heater is Right For You?

Posted by HTP on Feb 26, 2018 10:00:00 AM

When it comes to choosing a water heater there are many factors to consider. Most likely you will need to make one quickly, but also want to make sure you are choosing a unit that is efficient and suitable for all your hot water needs. This can be a hard task and  HTP wouldn't want you to have to make such an important decision on your own. 

There are 4 major tank types when it comes to water heating. Let's break each down so your decision process can begin. Like we mentioned, there are a few factors that go into choosing which will be right for you, but here are some starting facts:

Tanks WHs.jpg

Tank Type - Tank type water heaters store your heated water with a traditional tank (hence the not so subtle name). They are typically a bit more economical and can be purchased in either gas or electric models. They tend to vary in gallon capacities from 20 to 115 gallons and efficiencies and rebated range between models and fuel sources.

Tankless - This tends to be a popular style because of its ability to produce endless hot water. Tankless units heat your cold water instantaneously. They can require a large upfront investment but they can reduce energy consumption by as much as 30% providing savings in the long run. If you are low on space these units are ideal as well as they can be hung on walls and are compact.

Crossover - Crossover's combine the on-demand technology of a tankless water heater with minimal water storage. This unit creates hot water to maximize efficiency without waste or standby loss that could come with a large tank. It provides immediate hot water like a traditional tank without delay and easily adapts to building recirculation pumps.

Volume Water Heaters - These water heaters are used to provide large volumes of Domestic Hot Water typically for commercial applications like restaurants, hotels, apartment buildings, etc. They are also referred to as supply boilers.


Click through our website to learn more about each of the tank types and feel good about your decision once you've made it and have decided to go with HTP, of course.


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What's That Mean?

Posted by HTP on Aug 30, 2017 10:13:00 AM

We understand that in this industry terms are ever changing and being updated.  Our goal at HTP is to provide you with highly efficient, quality built products and to also make the entire process from choosing your water/space heater to installation less stressful for you. When you completely understand how your units are working, you are that much more confident in your choice.

We have put together a list of terms and their definitions to help lessen some confusion or even just refresh even the most experienced in the business. 

Click here to get the full list of terms and their definitions!



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HTP & Ariston Thermo Partnership

Posted by HTP on Aug 2, 2017 3:00:00 PM

On Monday July 31st, HTP Inc. announced that we will be partnering with Ariston Thermo, a global manufacturer of thermal comfort solutions for the residential, commercial and industrial markets with 59 operating companies and 8 representative offices in 36 countries. Ariston Thermo also has 22 production facilities located in 13 countries. Feel free to learn more about Ariston Thermo at As a result of this change, HTP’s official name is changed to HTP Comfort Solutions LLC and this name change reflects the strategic direction of HTP in growing our product portfolio and related opportunities for us together.  

We know that many of our customers will have questions regarding this change. Please see the bullet points below that highlight some key points of this transition:

  • HTP will continue to be run with existing management as an independent business in North America
  • This partnership is ideal because it brings together two companies dedicated to high efficiency themal markets and will bring more resources to HTP
  • HTP Comfort Solutions will continue to sell our existing line-up of products under the HTP Brand
  • All current billing and distribution will remain the same
  • There are no manufacturer representative network changes at this time

The combination of HTP and Ariston will bring together two innovative companies. HTP’s market position as a superior brand of products offering true market differentiation with a unique focus on energy savings and lifetime value to consumers is ideally suited to grow Ariston Thermo’s North American business.

If you have any further questions please reach out to us at


 2017-07-31 02.59.12.jpg

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