Engineers Week: Justin Jenne

Posted by Kelsey Braga on Feb 24, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Justin_JenneJustin Jenne has been an engineer at HTP for the past six and a half years. Jenne graduated with a Bachelors and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Jenne has been a valuable asset to our engineering team and has helped engineer some of our best-selling high efficiency products.

Jenne’s passion for engineering started at a young age, and developed into a career goal as time went on. “I always knew what I wanted to do, I just didn’t know exactly what it was called or how it applied to the real world,” Jenne said. “It wasn’t until I was in the 8th or 9th grade that I figured out it was called Mechanical Engineering and how to go about becoming one.”

As a child, Jenne’s curiosity led him to take things apart to see how they worked. Jenne would then try to reassemble the pieces in hopes of making it better.

“When I was about 11-12 years old, we put an addition on the house and [my parents] included me as an adult when laying out the design, plans, and the physical construction. Interestingly enough that included the installation of a new radiant heating system and upgrading the existing structures heat. When looking back on it with them they laugh, they say 'we can’t believe how much we listened to you, you were only a kid!'" Jenne said.

Today, Jenne takes his knowledge and passion for engineering and applies it to help make the best heating and hot water systems for HTP. His lead projects include: Versa-Hydro, Pioneer, Versa-Flame, Phoenix redesign, Phoenix for Europe, Phoenix Light Duty, and the Phoenix Plus. He has also assisted in the engineering of Polypro Venting Kits and small EFT’s.  

“I love the fact that as an engineer at HTP, you can wear many different hats. You can start from the very beginning of designing a heat exchanger using Computational Fluid Dynamics, to testing in the lab, to Solidworks Designs, to the look of the product, to reviewing items directly with management, to assisting in product launch with manufacturing and much more. In smaller type company if you have the passion and desire you can have a great impact in the department, company and products. Very few engineers I know can go to a website with their family and friends a say “I designed that and it’s going in thousands of homes today,” Jenne said.

Thanks, Justin, for your continuous hard work and dedication to HTP! We can’t wait to see what high efficiency heating products you come up with next!


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