Kelsey Braga - Jan 23, 2015

Trade Show Survival Guide

Only TWO days till the 2015 AHR Expo in Chicago! We've put together some tips to help your survive the trade show -- 
  1. Don’t forget your badge! – This will allow you to get into and out of the Expo
  2. Map it out! – Take a look at the 2015 AHR Expo map and plan out all the booths you want to stop at, that way you save time and won’t miss anything interesting (like us! Booth #6249)
  3. Bring a pen – This will be helpful for jotting notes. It will also be extremely helpful for writing on business cards – that way you can make a note to remember who the person is and what you discussed!
  4. Wear comfortable shoes – Trade shows involve a lot of standing and walking! This can be painful on your feet and tire you out quickly; wear a good pair of shoes for the show so you don’t get slowed down!
  5. Know your product – When working at your booth, it is important that you know specifics about the products you are trying to market. Study up before you get to the show!

Written by Kelsey Braga