Seven Must Know Energy Facts & Figures

Posted by Kelsey Braga on Oct 3, 2014 3:27:27 PM

October is Energy Action Month! 


Read below for some fun energy trivia posted by Next Step Living - 


  1. 34 million tons: The amount of carbon dioxide that would be saved if every household in the United States used only cold water for their laundry. (Source:
  2. 50 percent: The approximate amount your heating and cooling costs make up of your total energy bill. (Source: Department of Energy)
  3. 20 percent: The approximate amount of U.S. electricity consumption attributed to light bulbs. (Source: Green American)
  4. 400,000: The number of people who marched for climate justice just a few weeks ago at the People’s Climate March. Next Step Living had almost 200 there. (Source:
  5. 4 minutes: How frequently a business or homeowner receives a new solar photovoltaic system. (Source: Tech Republic)
  6. 3.2 percent: The nationwide increase in residential electricity prices this year – the biggest one in the past five years. (Source: National Geographic)
  7. 15 percent: How much drivers can save when they slow from 65 to 55 miles per hour.  (Source:


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