CONTRACTORS - Enroll in HTP's Contractor Rewards Program!

Posted by Kelsey Braga on Oct 14, 2014 3:47:53 PM

The HTP Contractor Rewards Program was established as a way for contractors to earn prizes for their HTP purchases. To date, the program has around 800 members! 

The program is specifically set up for contracting companies. In order to become a member, one must sign up for the program as a company, with a company representative that will monitor the rewards and points.

HTP offers a variety of rewards to choose from, including HTP gear and products. Electronics, such as digital cameras and iPads are also available for redemption, as well as cash rewards and exciting getaways. The trick to redeeming these great prizes is by racking up points by purchasing HTP products. 

Earning points is easy – members can enroll online for free at To earn points, members must submit claims online. All claims materials must be submitted within ninety days of the purchase of the eligible HTP products. Once logged into the rewards site, points can easily be claimed by clicking Get Points and filling out a quick form.

Points are awarded to members based on model number, and range from 15 points to 500 points per product.

The first rewards member, Steven Brown, redeemed rewards for his 16 redemptions and 815 point total. Brown redeemed $500 cash back and twp HTP coffee tumblers with 260 points to spare. 

Member William Schwegler was surely awarded for his loyalty when he redeemed six 32GB WiFi iPads for a total of 4,020 points!

We continue to give away many rewards! Be sure to's FREE and easy!!



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