HTP - Mar 5, 2015

Natural Gas & Electric are Prime Energy Sources for Home Heating

Several different types of fuels are used to heat our homes. Nearly half use natural gas. Electric comes in close second at 34%. 

At HTP we offer both natural gas and electric water heaters. 

Our Phoenix Light Duty natural gas water heater is highly efficient, with up to a 97% thermal efficiency rating. It's unique cupronickel heat exchanger boasts the best heat transfer properties in the industry. The laser welded 316L stainless steel tank construction is corrosion resistant, eliminating the need for anode rods and protecting the tank against harsh water conditions for a lifetime of durability against leaks. 

The Phoenix Light Duty is available in 50, 60, and 80 gallons and has up to 76,000 BTUhs. The Phoenix LD is Energy Star certified, saving you energy and money. Gas condensing water heaters are highly efficienct at heating water, so the tank heats up almost as quickly as it's filled. Running out of hot water will be a distant memory! 

Our Everlast Residential Electric Water Heater is also highly efficient, with up to a .92 energy factor. The Everlast is laser welded through a concentrated heat source producing high quality, long lasting 316L stainless steel construction. This material provides superior corrosion resistance, eliminates the need for anode rods, and protects against harsh water conditions for a lifetime of durability against leaks. Its stainless steel screw plug increases corrosion resistance for longer element life versus conventional elements. 

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