Why High Efficiency Commercial Boilers?

Posted by HTP on Apr 22, 2015 10:00:00 AM

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Almost half of business energy bills can be attributed to heating and cooling. High efficiency commercial boilers have higher thermal efficiency ratings than standard boilers. Specifically, condensing boilers extract heat from flue gas moisture, making them highly efficient. HTP’s Elite 301 and Elite 399 have turndown ratios of 5:1, which means that they modulate at a lower firing rate, which reduces short cycling, conserves energy, and improves component reliability. It has up to 96% thermal efficiency.


Along with higher thermal efficiency ratings, high efficiency commercial boilers provide a maximum payback on fuel savings. The cost of fuel in some areas has increased almost 40% in just one year. With a high efficiency commercial gas boiler you can save!

High efficiency commercial boilers are smaller in size, which means more usable space in your business.

These energy efficient boilers also protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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