Phoenix Light Duty with Air Handler

Posted by HTP on Jun 22, 2015 5:00:00 PM

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HTP has combined our Phoenix Light Duty with an air handler for a unique and highly efficient way to provide both heat and hot water. The number one application of a Phoenix Light Duty is with an air handler. It saves space and money! 


This domestic hot water and space heating combination proivdes multiple benefits: 

Space Savings: heat your home using one appliance when paired with an air handler

Installation Flexibility: built-in auxiliary taps provide connections to air handlers, radiant heating, or supplemental storage tanks

Cost Savings: when paired with an air handler, the Phoenix LD provides consistent and even heat for ultimate comfort while maximizing efficiency and lowering energy costs

The Phoenix Light Duty provides up to a 97% thermal efficiency rating with a 3 to 1 turndown ratio. It is made with a 316L stainless steel tank to resist corrosion and eliminate the need for anode rods, protecting the tank against harsh water conditions for a lifetime of durability against leaks. It's cupronickel heat exchanger boasts the best heat exchanger properties in the industry. It also has a patent pending removable built-in neutralizing PH cartridge. 


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