Increase Efficiency with our Gas Condensing Water Heaters

Posted by HTP on May 21, 2015 10:00:00 AM

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Cut your water heater energy costs by 30%!

Save money with HTP water heaters: The smart design enhancement that increases the effi­ciency of gas condensing water heaters can reduce your natural gas bills by more than $100 each year. Larger families that typically use more hot water, will save even more. You can cut your water heating energy use by 30% with a new ENERGY STAR qualified HTP gas condensing model.

Enjoy a constant supply of hot water: Because gas condensing water heaters are so effi­cient at heating water, the tank heats up almost as quickly as it's filled. Running out of hot water during your morning shower will be a distant memory! 

Phoenix_LD_Chart Savings


*The above chart reflects stats of our highly efficiency Phoenix Light Duty. Learn more about the Phoenix Light Duty


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