HTP's Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Posted by Kelsey Braga on Oct 31, 2014 11:27:28 AM

Happy Halloween from HTP!



This year, HTP decided to hold a Pumpkin Decorating Contest! A total of 12 creative pumpkins were entered into the contest. Viewing by the judges took place around 9:30 a.m. this morning. Some pumpkins were carved out intricately while others were painted Halloween themed. We loved them all! 

The winners were: 

1. Dulce Raposo - $50 AMEX Gift Card

2. Charli Frizado - $25 AMEX Gift Card

3. Bill Gooden - $10 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card

Honorable mentions: Advilson Pereira, Anna Kint, Tony Rennick, Bernadette Duquette, and Frank Miranda. 

Congratulations to our winners and thank you too all that participated in this event! Have a safe and happy Halloween!


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