HTP's Manufacturing Engineers

Posted by HTP on Feb 26, 2015 3:15:51 PM

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HTP's Manufacturing Engineers


Without our manufacturing engineers, production of our products would not be possible! We would like to shine the spotlight on those who help make our high efficiency products possible –

  • Paul Cisek
  • Matt Keegan
  • Jorge Veloso

HTP’s manufacturing engineers assist with the design, layout and implementation of equipment. They help guide the processes for the manufacturing facility to assure that our high quality heating systems are being created properly.

Our manufacturing engineers help with production capacity assessment, manufacturing processes improvement, equipment determination, along with processing speeds and work flows.


HTP’s Engineering Lab Manager

Mark Kiss, Lab Manager at HTP, is in charge of testing equipment to the latest standards and codes, working with engineers to help develop new products by providing prototype performance, and providing necessary performance data to meet all certifications.

A big thank you to our manufacturing engineers for their continuous hard work! Be sure to wish them a happy Engineers Week when you see them!

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