HTP - Oct 12, 2015

Get Faster Returns & Refunds with the New RMA Process

Effective Monday, October 5thHTP is excited to announce the release of our new RMA process which utilizes a web based portal to allow users to submit claims from anywhere they have access to the internet.  The new system was developed by HTP to improve overall customer satisfaction, reduce processing times and provide our customers the ability to track and manage their claims in real time.

Our new online portal, will allow wholesalers, contractors, and end-users to submit an RMA claim directly to the factory, which will eliminate the often timing consuming process of gathering and submitting claim information by the wholesaler and HTP representative.

Submitting a claim with our Warranty Wizard is easy with these 3 simple steps!

  1.        Provide proof of purchase
  2.        Provide unit’s Serial Number
  3.        Upload photos or video of the issue with the unit.

Our new automated process will allow persons submitting claims to directly fill in all necessary information from the job site, home or from their nearest supply house. Once a claim has been started, HTP will provide a claim number which allows customers to easily track the status of their request throughout the process.

If all information is provided and the claim has been approved by HTP, the person requesting the claim will be sent an authorization which allows them to replace or repair the unit in question and will be given explicit instructions on what to do with the damaged product. In a case of a finished product, the replacement serial number will need to be entered into the portal to finalize the process and HTP will process a credit with all necessary reference numbers to our partners so that they can provide their customers with timely credits.

Throughout the process, each claimee will receive notifications via email that details the status of the claim – whether denied (and for what reason), if more information is needed or if the claim is approved and next steps. Our goal is to process all claims with the necessary documentation within 24 hours for products that do not need to be returned for examination. 

Our goal is to get everyone using this new online portal no later than January 4th, 2016!

Written by HTP