HTP - Jan 13, 2016

Benefits of Cascading Your Boiler

Large space heating or domestic jobs can include multiple units in a “cascade system,” allowing for higher turndown ratio.  Larger turndown allows for higher system efficiency.



Below are more advantages of using a cascaded system instead of a single larger boiler –

  • High turndown capability when only one boiler is required
  • Flexibility with footprint allowing installation in irregular spaces
  • Increased reliability with heat provided by several boilers
  • Service and maintenance is simplified
  • Smaller boilers can be maintained by a single engineer on site
  • Different rated outputs can be cascaded
  • Boiler control by priority, delivering excellent efficiency and even usage
  • Simple spare part management





Above: three HTP Elite boiler units cascaded






Above: HTP Mod Con units cascaded



(information from Econergy | Original article: )

Written by HTP